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I love character-driven comedies and dramas that appeal to women or young adults. Think “Insecure,” “Younger,” and the NBC TV drama “Friday Night Lights.” Wanting to focus on the craft of filmmaking, I pursued my MFA in Film and Television production. USC’s film program is diverse; I studied picture editing, VFX, writing, cinematography, directing, sound before falling in love with television writing and picture editing.  Read More.

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Editing is writing through words. Studying editing as an MFA at USC School of Cinematic Arts gave me the opportunity to learn about comedy editing, narrative, and documentary editing. I studied sound and editing under Doug Blush (consultant on the Oscar-winning “Period. End of Sentence”), Nancy Forner (editor of “The Vampire Diaries”), and Leander Sales. I love character-driven stories that call for enhancing the emotions and the relationships in the scene.

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